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Website Design & Development

Website Building

With a team of professional graphic designers and programmers, we use our knowledge, experience, and excellence for helping you build your company image. Our talented staff create eye catching website as well as maintaining user friendly web interfaces that facilitate successful task completion for your website visitors.

- Web programming
Graphic Design
- Content Development
- Animation Development
- Product Photography
- Internet Marketing
- Domain Registration and Web Hosting Solution

Value Package
Business Package
Professional Package
8 Pages A4 Size
15 Pages A4 Size
25 pages A4 Size
Web Enquiry Form
Web Enquiry Form
Web Enquiry Form
Search Engine Registration
Search Engine Registration
Search Engine Registration
Font Page- Flash Effect
Font Page Flash Effect
Flash Banner Effect in inner page
Additional Pages without Desgin
Page 1-5
Page 6-10
Page 11 or above
$400 per page
$375 per page
$350 per page
Additional page with Design
Page 1-5
Page 6-10
Page 11 or above
$490 per page
$440 per page
$410 per page
Flash Animation Design
Front Page Flash with Graphic Flash Effect 5-10s
Front Page Flash with Artwork Flash Effect 5-10s
Banner Flash with Graphic Flash Effect (recurring)
Banner Flash with Artwork Flash Effect (recurring)
Interactive Flash Game
$2400 or above
$1200 or above
$8000 or above
Music Effect
$250 per minute
Additional Language
Each Language
40% of the whole design
Product Photography
Each photo with Editing
$100 or above
(Depends on
product nature)

Website Maintenance

We provide monthly based website maintenance plans to ensure your powerful marketing tool running smoothly. Our maintenance tasks include:

Information update on existing web pages;
- Creating or adding up to new links and/or email addresses to existing pages;
- PDF, Word, Photos and other documents uploading;
- Maintenance of HTML validity, browser compatibility, java script integrity, load time efficiency;
- Link and spelling validation;
- Managing email accounts, domain name registration and web host requirements.

Website Reconstruction and Enhancement

An out-of-date website gives the impression of disorganization to visitors and clients because of poor layout, contents, structure and graphics. With our website reconstruction and enhancement service, we provide in depth analysis of your business and marketing plan, target audience and existing website. Our professional team will realize an effective integration and delivery of targeted content, functinoality, visuals, and technology to make your website more successful. Our services include:

- Creative direction;
- Re-design graphic and layout;
- Custom graphics, logo design and identity/brand development;
- Flash animation;
- Content analysis and rewriting;
- Persuasive and powerful copywriting;
- Usability;
- Information architecture;
- Database integration;

On-site I.T. Technical Support and Management
Network Infrastructure
Network Security
Website Design & Development
Purchasing & Procurement